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How to use loess method in GGally::ggpairs using wrap function

I am trying to replicate this simple example given in the Coursera R Regression Models course:

ggpairs(swiss, lower = list(continuous = "smooth", params = c(method = "loess")))

I expect to see a 6x6 pairs plot - one scatterplot with loess smoother and confidence intervals for each combination of the 6 variables in the swiss data.

However, I get the following error:

Error in display_param_error() : 'params' is a deprecated argument.
Please 'wrap' the function to supply arguments. help("wrap", package =

I looked through the
help files and have tried lots of permutations of the

I can get this to work as expected:

ggpairs(swiss, lower = list(continuous = wrap("smooth")))

But once I add the loess part in, it does not:

ggpairs(swiss, lower = list(continuous = wrap("smooth"), method = wrap("loess")))

I get this error when I tried the line above.

Error in value[3L] : The following ggpair plot functions
are readily available: continuous: c('points', 'smooth', 'density',
'cor', 'blank') combo: c('box', 'dot', 'facethist', 'facetdensity',
'denstrip', 'blank') discrete: c('ratio', 'facetbar', 'blank') na:
c('na', 'blank')

diag continuous: c('densityDiag', 'barDiag', 'blankDiag') diag
discrete: c('barDiag', 'blankDiag') diag na: c('naDiag', 'blankDiag')

You may also provide your own function that follows the api of
function(data, mapping, ...){ . . . } and returns a ggplot2 plot
object Ex: my_fn <- function(data, mapping, ...){ p <-
ggplot(data = data, mapping = mapping) +
geom_point(...) p } ggpairs(data, lower = list(continuous = my_fn))

Function provided: loess

Obviously I am entering loess in the wrong place. Can anyone help me understand how to add the loess part in?

Note that my problem is different to this one, as I am asking how to implement loess in ggpairs since the params argument became deprecated.

Thanks very much.

Answer Source

One quick way is to write your own function... the one below was edited from the one provided by the ggpairs error message in your question


# Function to return points and geom_smooth
# allow for the method to be changed
my_fn <- function(data, mapping, method="loess", ...){
      p <- ggplot(data = data, mapping = mapping) + 
      geom_point() + 
      geom_smooth(method=method, ...)

# Default loess curve    
ggpairs(swiss[1:4], lower = list(continuous = my_fn))

enter image description here

# Use wrap to add further arguments; change method to lm
ggpairs(swiss[1:4], lower = list(continuous = wrap(my_fn, method="lm")))

enter image description here

This perhaps gives a bit more control over the arguments that are passed to each geon_

  my_fn <- function(data, mapping, pts=list(), smt=list(), ...){
              ggplot(data = data, mapping = mapping, ...) + 
               , pts) +
               , smt) 

# Plot 
        lower = list(continuous = 
                            pts=list(size=2, colour="red"), 
                            smt=list(method="lm", se=F, size=5, colour="blue"))))
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