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How to download a CSV file from the World Bank's dataset

I would like to automate the download of CSV files from the World Bank's dataset.

My problem is that the URL corresponding to a specific dataset does not lead directly to the desired CSV file but is instead a query to the World Bank's API. As an example, this is the URL to get the GDP per capita data:

If you paste this URL in your browser, it will automatically start the download of the corresponding file. As a consequence, the code I usually use to collect and save CSV files in Python is not working in the present situation:

baseUrl = ""
remoteCSV = urllib2.urlopen("%s" %(baseUrl))
myData = csv.reader(remoteCSV)

How should I modify my code in order to download the file coming from the query to the API?

Answer Source

This will get the zip downloaded, open it and get you a csv object with whatever file you want.

import urllib2
import StringIO
from zipfile import ZipFile
import csv

baseUrl = ""
remoteCSV = urllib2.urlopen(baseUrl)

sio = StringIO.StringIO()
    # We create a StringIO object so that we can work on the results of the request (a string) as though it is a file.

z = ZipFile(sio, 'r')
    # We now create a ZipFile object pointed to by 'z' and we can do a few things here:

print z.namelist()
    # A list with the names of all the files in the zip you just downloaded
    # We can use z.namelist()[1] to refer to 'ny.gdp.pcap.cd_Indicator_en_csv_v2.csv'

with[1]) as f:
# Opens the 2nd file in the zip
    csvr = csv.reader(f)
    for row in csvr:
        print row

For more information see ZipFile Docs and StringIO Docs

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