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Ansible: copying one unique file to each server in a group

I have a series of numbered files to be processed separately by each server. Each split file made using linux split and then xz compressed to save transfer time.

split_001 split_002 split_003 ... split_030

How can I push these files out to a group of 30 servers with ansible? It does not matter which server gets which file so long as they each have a single unique file.

I had used a bash file but I am looking for a better solution. Hopefully using ansible. Then I plan to run a shell command to run an at command to start the several hours or days of computation.

scp -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no bt_5869_001.xz usr13@<ip>:/data/
scp -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no bt_5869_002.xz usr13@<ip>:/data/
scp -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no bt_5869_003.xz usr13@<ip>:/data/

# copy file but iterate through each of the split files
- copy: src=/mine/split_001.xz dest=/data/split_001.xz
- copy: src=/mine/compute dest=/data/ owner=root mode=0755
- copy: src=/mine/ dest=/data/ owner=root mode=0755
- shell: xz -d *.xz
- shell: at -f /data/ now

Answer Source

For example:

    - set_fact:
        padded_host_index: "{{ '{0:03d}'.format(play_hosts.index(inventory_hostname)) }}"

    - copy: src=/mine/split_{{ padded_host_index }}.xz dest=/data/
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