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SQL Question

How to delete rows with updateBatch if I had a list and a single value for parameters?

I have a list, which contains some name data:

List<String> names; //not null, already with values

And I have a single integer, which contains the ID of the created names:

Integer creatorId = 47;

And finally, I have the delete sql, which is like:

String deleteSql = "DELETE FROM persons WHERE person_name = ? and creator_id = ?";

The point here, is to use the
method from Spring, and DO NOT USE
clause in the delete sql for person_name-s, and avoid

Is there a way, to use some batch methods here?
Thank you!

Answer Source

The solution is:

public void delete(List<String> names, Integer creatorId) {
    List<Object[]> batchArgs = new ArrayList<>();
    for (String name : names) {
        batchArgs.add(new Object[] { name, creatorId });
    jdbcTemplate.batchUpdate("DELETE FROM persons WHERE person_name = ? and creator_id = ?", batchArgs);
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