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Java Question

How can I call getters from model passed to Thymeleaf like parameter?

I add object to ModelAndView

ModelAndView model = new ModelAndView("index");
User currentUser = getUser();
model.addObject("currentUser", currentUser);

User model:

public class User {
private String msisdn;
private double balance;
private double trafficResidue;
private Map<String, String> variables;

public String getMsisdn() {
return msisdn;

public void setMsisdn(String msisdn) {
this.msisdn = msisdn;

public double getBalance() {
return balance;

public void setBalance(double balance) {
this.balance = balance;

public double getTrafficResidue() {
return trafficResidue;

public void setTrafficResidue(double trafficResidue) {
this.trafficResidue = trafficResidue;

public Map<String, String> getVariables() {
return variables;

public void setVariables(Map<String, String> variables) {
this.variables = variables;

And I need call getters in Thymeleaf

I tried

<label th:text="${currentUser.getMsisdn()}"/>

But it does not work. How can I call getters from model passed to Thymeleaf like parameter?

Answer Source

If you have a standard getter method (in a format which Thymeleaf anticipates) then you can just mention objectName.fieldName instead of objectName.getFieldName(), though both will work. If your getter method has some non-standard name, then objectName.fieldName will not work, you have to use objectName.yourweirdGetterMethodName().

In your case, for the field msisdn, you have a standard getter method getMsisdn(). So, both <label th:text="${currentUser.msisdn}"/> and <label th:text="${currentUser.getMsisdn()}"/> should work just fine for you.

Again, <label th:text="${currentUser.msisdn}"/> will work just fine, you don't have to explicitly mention the getter method (since its a standard getter method).

Unfortunately, both this options doesn't work for you. So that essentially means, problem is somewhere else. I doubt the objects that you added ever made to the view. If you can post the controller code, I may be able to help you out.

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