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T9 Algorithm too slow

I am trying to implement T9 to my android dialer. But it lags. I checked and generating the list of possible combinations is painless.

But I am trying to match using a pattern and I generated the pattern as follows

Pattern queryPattern;
List<String> names = T9Utils.possibleNames(query);
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
for (String name : names) {
Matcher m = p.matcher(name.toLowerCase());
if (!name.equals(names.get(names.size() - 1))) {
queryPattern = Pattern.compile("(?i).*(" + sb.toString() + ").*");
for (CallLogItem contact : allContacts) {
Matcher nameM = queryPattern.matcher(contact.displayName);
Matcher phoneM = queryPattern.matcher(contact.phoneNumber);

if (nameM.matches()) {
//TODO: Highlighting
} else if (phoneM.matches()) {

The pattern generated would be something like


Answer Source

First, you should use a character class instead of all these alternations.

Then remove the whitespaces of the string you compare to. Take your name as an example: Amanuel Nega => AmanuelNega. You should use this conversion table (adapt it as needed):

Input   | Corresponding class
1       | [1.!]
2       | [2abc]
3       | [3def]
4       | [4ghi]
5       | [5klm]
6       | [6nop]
7       | [7qrst]
8       | [8uvw]
9       | [9xyz]
0       | [0+]

Let's say I type 4 followed by a 3 (which is what your output suggest).

Then the output will be [4ghi][3def].

If I want to match AmanuelNega I'll have to type 2526835 which will produce the regex:


Which will be waaaay faster than what you already have

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