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Java Question

Convert integer minutes into String "hh:mm"

I need to convert

(defined as Integer) into the following String format "hh:mm" assuming that the
is "00:00". The below-given code is what I have so far, but it does not work properly. Also it does not take into account that the
should be shifted in accordance to
. Is there any other solution?

String startTime = "00:00";
int minutes = 120;
double time = minutes/60;
String timeS = Double.toString(time);
String[] hourMin = timeS.split(".");
String h = hourMin[0];
String m = hourMin[1];
String newTime = "";

Answer Source
String startTime = "00:00";
int minutes = 120;
int h = minutes / 60 + Integer.parseInt(startTime.substring(0,1));
int m = minutes % 60 + Integer.parseInt(startTime.substring(3,4));
String newtime = h+":"+m;
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