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Python Question

Using bits directly in python

I want to manipulate the binary number directly in python. For example I have decimal number 18. I was able to convert number into binary using

seed =bin(18)

but problem is I want to xor few of its bits.If I access this seed using array indexing I cant xor them as it is of type 'str'. How can simply take decimal number convert into binary and play with its bits?

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

You can use bitwise operations directly on integers. You can convert between binary strings and integers for printing/debugging by using bin as you already know, and converting a string to binary using int(binary_string, 2).

seed = bin(18)  # 0b10010
bitmask = '01101'
xor_result = 18 ^ int(bitmask, 2)
print(bin(xor_result))  # 0b11111
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