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gh-pages not deploying website which runs locally

I had hosted this website on Github's gh-pages. Source Code

It's not loading it. This is the website : web-resume

After searching and looking up I believe the error lies in this line


in this fragment of

var Typer={
text: null,
index:0, // current cursor position
speed:1, // speed of the Typer
file:"", //file, must be set
accessCount:0, //times alt is pressed for Access Granted
deniedCount:0, //times caps is pressed for Access Denied
init: function(){// inizialize Hacker Typer
accessCountimer=setInterval(function(){Typer.updLstChr();},500); // inizialize timer for blinking cursor
$.get(Typer.file,function(data){// get the text file
Typer.text=data;// save the textfile in Typer.text
Typer.text = Typer.text.slice(0, Typer.text.length-1);

return $("#console").html();// get console content

write:function(str){// append to console content
return false;

makeAccess:function(){//create Access Granted popUp FIXME: popup is on top of the page and doesn't show is the page is scrolled
Typer.hidepop(); // hide all popups
Typer.accessCount=0; //reset count
var ddiv=$("<div id='gran'>").html(""); // create new blank div and id "gran"
ddiv.addClass("accessGranted"); // add class to the div
ddiv.html("<h1>ACCESS GRANTED</h1>"); // set content of div
$(document.body).prepend(ddiv); // prepend div to body
return false;
makeDenied:function(){//create Access Denied popUp FIXME: popup is on top of the page and doesn't show is the page is scrolled
Typer.hidepop(); // hide all popups
Typer.deniedCount=0; //reset count
var ddiv=$("<div id='deni'>").html(""); // create new blank div and id "deni"
ddiv.addClass("accessDenied");// add class to the div
ddiv.html("<h1>ACCESS DENIED</h1>");// set content of div
$(document.body).prepend(ddiv);// prepend div to body
return false;

hidepop:function(){// remove all existing popups

addText:function(key){//Main function to add the code
if(key.keyCode==18){// key 18 = alt key
Typer.accessCount++; //increase counter
if(Typer.accessCount>=3){// if it's presed 3 times
Typer.makeAccess(); // make access popup
}else if(key.keyCode==20){// key 20 = caps lock
Typer.deniedCount++; // increase counter
if(Typer.deniedCount>=3){ // if it's pressed 3 times
Typer.makeDenied(); // make denied popup
}else if(key.keyCode==27){ // key 27 = esc key
Typer.hidepop(); // hide all popups

}else if(Typer.text){ // otherway if text is loaded
var cont=Typer.content(); // get the console content
if(cont.substring(cont.length-1,cont.length)=="|") // if the last char is the blinking cursor
$("#console").html($("#console").html().substring(0,cont.length-1)); // remove it before adding the text
if(key.keyCode!=8){ // if key is not backspace
Typer.index+=Typer.speed; // add to the index the speed
if(Typer.index>0) // else if index is not less than 0
Typer.index-=Typer.speed;// remove speed for deleting text
var text=Typer.text.substring(0,Typer.index)// parse the text for stripping html enities
var rtn= new RegExp("\n", "g"); // newline regex

$("#console").html(text.replace(rtn,"<br/>"));// replace newline chars with br, tabs with 4 space and blanks with an html blank
window.scrollBy(0,100); // scroll to make sure bottom is always visible
if ( key.preventDefault && key.keyCode != 122 ) { // prevent F11(fullscreen) from being blocked
if(key.keyCode != 122){ // otherway prevent keys default behavior
key.returnValue = false;

updLstChr:function(){ // blinking cursor
var cont=this.content(); // get console
if(cont.substring(cont.length-1,cont.length)=="|") // if last char is the cursor
$("#console").html($("#console").html().substring(0,cont.length-1)); // remove it
this.write("|"); // else write it
function replaceUrls(text) {
var http = text.indexOf("http://");
var space = text.indexOf(".me ", http);
if (space != -1) {
var url = text.slice(http, space-1);
return text.replace(url, "<a href=\"" + url + "\">" + url + "</a>");
} else {
return text
Typer.file=""; //error here?

var timer = setInterval("t();", 30);
function t() {
Typer.addText({"keyCode": 123748});
if (Typer.index > Typer.text.length) {

The website runs smoothly locally.
It really would be helpful if there's a workout.

Answer Source

Very simple to locate problem in browser dev tools console.

Site is running on https protocol and due to mixed content policies isn't loading jQuery from http

Try using protocol relative url for jQuery library. Then it will load properly regardless of running on local http or remote on https


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 

Note also that version 1.4 is very very old

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