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jQuery Question

Monaca: Where is the jquery after I install it in monaca with onsenui

In Monaca, I installed JQuery using File | Manage JS/CSS components...
Added the JQuery (Monaca version) 2.03
Pressed save, and don't see the JQuery file(s) in my project.

Where are they?

Answer Source

OK I found it: You have to click the settings thingy in the project, and above the "show hidden files" there is a REFRESH button that you have to hit.

The JQuery-Monaca folder is under components, but you have to explicitly use the src="www/components/monaca-jquery/jquery.js" and that script has to come first, before the loader.js (which uses only src="componenets/loader.js" without the www/.

I don't know why this is so.

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