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input type = number validation in angularjs

I am trying to validate

< input type = number >
by using input [number]
directive of module ng of angularjs.

When using an input of type number, with the max (or min) attribute set to number such as

<input type=number min="20" max="40">

it works fine , but I my min and max data are coming data dynamically using ng-repeat such as

<input type=number min="configRow.valueStart" max="configRow.valueEnd">
then it is not working .

I know that min and max only accept number and I am not much good in writing directives for that , Please help me any such directory or any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer Source

min and max are expecting a value. So, this should work:

<input type=number min="{{configRow.valueStart}}" max="{{configRow.valueEnd}}">

Here is a plunker showing a demo. (this is just a modification of the documentation demo).

At the moment, the source for these attributes looks like below. So, you can see that a value is expected that is then cast to a float with parseFloat. So interpolating the model property {{}} to a value is required.


if (attr.min) {
        var minValidator = function(value) {
          var min = parseFloat(attr.min);
          return validate(ctrl, 'min', ctrl.$isEmpty(value) || value >= min, value);


      if (attr.max) {
        var maxValidator = function(value) {
          var max = parseFloat(attr.max);
          return validate(ctrl, 'max', ctrl.$isEmpty(value) || value <= max, value);

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