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Swift Question

Swift: iterate through files in a folder and its subfolders

I'm quite new to programming a Swift and I'm trying to iterate through the files in a folder.
I took a look at the answer here and tried to translate it to Swift syntax, but didn't succeed.

let fileManager = NSFileManager.defaultManager()
let enumerator:NSDirectoryEnumerator = fileManager.enumeratorAtPath(folderPath)

for element in enumerator {
//do something

the error I get is:

Type 'NSDirectoryEnumerator' does not conform to protocol 'SequenceType'

My aim is to look at all the subfolders and files contained into the main folder and find all the files with a certain extension to then do something with them.

Any help is very appreciated!

Answer Source

Use the nextObject() method of enumerator:

while let element = enumerator?.nextObject() as? String {
    if element.hasSuffix("ext") { // checks the extension
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