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Objective-C Question

Pod install is staying on "Setting up Cocoapods Master repo"

I'm cloning a project from a git repo, but when I execute

pod install
the first line I see is "Setting up Cocoapods Master repo" and after that I can't see anything more, the console stops there.

I don't know what is happening. Anyone knows what's happening here? Why Does cocoapods stop there?.

Answer Source

You could try running in verbose mode:

pod install --verbose

This'll show you what cocoapods is up to.

Setting up CocoaPods master repo

Cloning spec repo `master` from `` (branch `master`)
  $ /usr/bin/git clone '' master
  Cloning into 'master'...

(as suggested here)

For me the above step took quite a long time as the repo is now 129MB as of Feb 2014! [Edit: 351MB as of May 2016]

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