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If I use new " V7 Appcompat library ", do I still need " V4 Support Library " for a minimum SDK = 7?

I am migrating from Action Bar Sherlock to Action Bar compat. I remove ABS and I had support-v4-google maps in it, I got errors. I will add the v4 directly to the project now to see if it solve, but I want to know:

I don't really understand from the documentation if libraries are redundant or complementing?

Thanks for advice, pointers etc.

EDIT: This is the error that make me added v4 with "external jar... " It solve it.

The type android.support.v4.app.TaskStackBuilder$SupportParentable cannot be resolved.
It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

But if u say i should not add v4 if already have v7 how do I explain it to Eclipse?

Relevant post, the solution was to add v4 here. The hierarchy of the type activity is inconsistent when extending ActionBarActivity

Edit 2: The v4 jar is included in the v7 library project if done following these steps point by point: http://developer.android.com/tools/support-library/setup.html#add-library
My setup is :

  • Android 4.3 : unchecked

  • APrivate Lib: unchecked

  • v7-app.../src : checked

  • v7-app.../gen : checked

  • ADependencie: unchecked

  • raw v7 jar : check

  • raw v4 jar : check

Answer Source

v7 includes the v4 support library so there is no need to have it in there again

if you look in the libs folder of the v7 support library you will see that the v4 jar is already referenced in the library

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