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Javascript Question

Jquery .on('change' does not detect javascript inputed field

see following snip of code

$(document).on('input','#id1, #id2, #id3', function(){
$id1 = $('#retail').val();
$id2 = $('#tax').val();
$id3 = $('#discount_per_unit').val();
$total = Number($id1) + Number($id2) - Number($id3);


now, user gets to input field for #id1, #id2. but I have a Ajax fill in #id3 for the user depending on conditions. the
event only detect user input but not the Ajax input. So is there a way to get jquery to detect Ajax input as well.

basically I have a drop down menu user can pick, and Ajax will take the drop down value to get an additioanl data and auto fill into id3 input field. look something like this.


but my .on("change" does not detect when user picked a different drop down option so the #id3 is updated but my calcuation that uses id1 though id3 did not update unless I change something on id1 or id2.

Answer Source

You update $('#id3').val($somevalue); didn't trigget any event, they are based on user's actions.

If you want to manually trigger one you can do

$('#id3').val($somevalue).trigger('change') // or 'input'
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