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Is FAIR available for Spark Standalone cluster mode?

I'm having 2 node cluster with spark standalone cluster manager. I'm triggering more than one job using same

with Scala multi threading.What I found is my jobs are scheduled one after another because of FIFO nature so I tried to use FAIR scheduling

conf.set("spark.scheduler.mode", "FAIR")
conf.set("spark.scheduler.allocation.file", sys.env("SPARK_HOME") + "/conf/fairscheduler.xml")
sc.setLocalProperty("spark.scheduler.pool", "mypool")

<pool name="mypool">

Even after setting these properties, my jobs are handled in FIFO.
Is FAIR available for Spark Standalone cluster mode?Is there a page
where it's described in more details? I can't seem to find much about
FAIR and Standalone in Job Scheduling.I'm following this SOF I missing anything here ?

Answer Source

I don't think standalone is the problem. You described creating only one pool, so I think your problem is that you need at least one more pool and assign each job to a different pool.

FAIR scheduling is done across pools, anything within the same pool will run in FIFO mode anyway.

This is based on the documentation here:

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