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Function commenting conventions in R

I'm fairly new to R, and I have been defining some of my own functions in script files. I'm intending for others to re-use them later, and I can't find any guides on R function commenting conventions. Is there any way for me to make

show some help? If not, do I just document the function in the script file, so that someone has to print out (or open the source of) a script to see the comments?



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The canonical way to document your functions and make them accessible to others is to make a package. In order for your package to pass the build checks, you have to supply sufficiently detailed help files for each of your functions / datasets.

Check out http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-exts.html#Creating-R-packages

This blog post from Rob J Hyndman was very useful and one of the easiest for me to follow: http://robjhyndman.com/researchtips/building-r-packages-for-windows/

I've started using roxygen to assist in making & compiling packages as of late: http://roxygen.org/

Lots of good resources and people to help when you have questions!

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