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jQuery Question

Collect form all inputs data into structured json

I'm trying to collect html form inputs to JSON.

I was trying to realize it with jQuery

which works ok for simple input names, but in case I have multidimensional inputs name like

<input type="text" name="product[0][name]" >

as an output of
I have list of object like

var result = $('#myform').serializeArray();
console.log( result );

0: Object
name: "product[0][name]"
value: "product 1"
1: Object
name: "product[1][name]"
value: "product 2"

also tried with
but oputput again contain concated names as keys

[{"name":"product[0][name]","value":"product 1"}, ...

But I would like to parse it or use some other know function from jQuery or other library which will give me output in this way

product: [
0: {'name':'product 1'},
1: {'name':'product 1'},
2: {'name':'product 1'},
some_other_filed: [
0: {'key':'value'},
1: {'name':'value'}

Dose anyone know solution for this situation?

Answer Source

You could use jQuery serializeJSON plugin.

console.log( result );
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