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How to inherit parent class array properties by merging array?

I often use properties in my classes that store an array of options. I'd like to be able to somehow merge those options from defaults declared in a parent class.

I demonstrated with some code.

class A
public $options = array('display'=>false,'name'=>'John');

class B extends A
public $options = array('name'=>'Mathew');

Now when I create
, then I'd like
to contain a merged array from

What happens now is this.

$b = new B();

I would like something like this using


  • Maybe it's something I could do in the constructor?

  • Is it possible to make this a behavior of
    class A
    ? So that I don't always have to implement the same code in all subclasses.

  • Could I use reflection to auto find array properties in both classes and merge them?

Answer Source

I realize I changed your interface from a public variable to a method, but maybe it works for you. Beware, adding a naive setOps($ops) method may work unexpected if you allow the parent ops to continue to be merged in.

class A
    private $ops = array('display'=>false, 'name'=>'John');
    public function getops() { return $this->ops; }
class B extends A
    private $ops = array('name'=>'Mathew');
    public function getops() { return array_merge(parent::getOps(), $this->ops); }
class c extends B
    private $ops = array('c'=>'c');
    public function getops() { return array_merge(parent::getOps(), $this->ops); }

$c = new C();


    [display] => 
    [name] => Mathew
    [c] => c
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