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Automating HP Quality Center with Python or Java

We have a project that uses HP Quality Center and one of the regular issues we face is people not updating comments on the defect.

So I was thinkingif we could come up with a small script or tool that could be used to periodically throw up a reminder and force the user to update the comments.

I came across the Open Test Architecture API and was wondering if there are any good Python or java examples for the same that I could see.


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I'm not sure there are any good samples for Java, because OTA can't be consumed by Java directly, it needs a Java to COM bridnge like JIntegra.

About Python, well you can use Python COM api's. And then any OTA example will do. You got plenty in QC documentation of OTA.

But I think the real question here is, why would you want to do it in Python or Java. Why not write what you need directly in QC using it's Workflow feature. Which will allow you to write your logic in VBScript, and have it invoked inside QC UI on user actions. For instance you can bind to the Post event of a Defect / Bug and check if there is a comment and if there is not prompt the user directly with a message.

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