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Testing Doze feature (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) in Genymotion

I've tried the commands from Google

adb shell dumpsys battery unplug
adb shell dumpsys deviceidle step

on both "PREVIEW - Google Nexus 6P - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1440x2560" and "PREVIEW - Google Nexus 5X - 6.0.0 - API 23 - 1080x1920" virtual devices from Genymotion but unfortunately cannot put anyone to idle mode. Always after second command I see
Stepped to: ACTIVE

Then trying

adb shell dumpsys deviceidle force-idle

I see
Unable to go idle; not enabled
. This is strange because Genymotion states in release note (!/release-notes) for version 2.6.0, which I use, that "Doze now works properly."

Is there anyone who managed to use and test Doze in Genymotion? Should I use some other commands?

Answer Source

I'm part of the Genymotion team.

The release note is not correct and our patch for Doze feature has not been released on the preview. Sorry for this mistake.

We will soon release Marshmallow officially and it will include Doze feature. On this future release you will need to enable Doze manually, at each device startup, by running the following command:

adb shell dumpsys deviceidle enable

Then, all the usual commands will work perfectly:

adb shell dumpsys battery unplug
adb shell dumpsys deviceidle step

UPDATE: The release has been done, Doze is available now on Genymotion devices.

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