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bootstrap 3 - not pushing footer to the bottom of page

I received a task at work to create some mini-webpage layout with bootstrap. I decided to base on already done layout (Amoeba). Here is the preview: Amoeba bootstrap link

Well, on localhost almost works except one thing - footer. Just take a look on provided link and then: click Portfolio (from navigation) and then filter the gallery by Photography.
When you will scroll down you will see ugly space. And this is my issue. I dont want that. So i thought that I need a footer OR portfolio div class which will automatically resize to proper size. BUt I dont how how to achieve that. Any tips?


You need only to change the code of modernizr slightly. Change forceHeight to false and will work good.

if (Modernizr.mq("screen and (max-width:1024px)")) {

} else {
    var s = skrollr.init({
        mobileDeceleration: 1,
        edgeStrategy: 'set',
        forceHeight: false,
        smoothScrolling: true,
        smoothScrollingDuration: 300,
            easing: {
                WTF: Math.random,
                inverted: function(p) {
                    return 1-p;