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bootstrap 3 - not pushing footer to the bottom of page

I received a task at work to create some mini-webpage layout with bootstrap. I decided to base on already done layout (Amoeba). Here is the preview: Amoeba bootstrap link

Well, on localhost almost works except one thing - footer. Just take a look on provided link and then: click Portfolio (from navigation) and then filter the gallery by Photography.
When you will scroll down you will see ugly space. And this is my issue. I dont want that. So i thought that I need a footer OR portfolio div class which will automatically resize to proper size. BUt I dont how how to achieve that. Any tips?

Answer Source

You need only to change the code of modernizr slightly. Change forceHeight to false and will work good.

if (Modernizr.mq("screen and (max-width:1024px)")) {

} else {
    var s = skrollr.init({
        mobileDeceleration: 1,
        edgeStrategy: 'set',
        forceHeight: false,
        smoothScrolling: true,
        smoothScrollingDuration: 300,
            easing: {
                WTF: Math.random,
                inverted: function(p) {
                    return 1-p;
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