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OpenCart admin menu link url

I'm verry new to OpenCart and I'm trying to make a module for it.

I want a link in the admin menu to the module I am creating thus I've edited this file:


The code I have added:

<li><a class="top">Import / Export</a>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Link 2</a></li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Link 3</a></li>

My question is propably verry simple:

In the normal links the url for the
<a href="">
is set like this:

<a href="<?php echo $report_customer_online; ?>">

How can i make an url to the right module with the token of OpenCart?

The module path is

If you need more info, feel free to ask...


Check my answer here: - I have answered for the very similar question, anyway the answer is the same as for Your question.

But to guide You more precisely:

language file /admin/language/<YOUR_LANGUAGE>/common/header.php add e.g.:

$_['text_my_module'] = 'My Module Title';

controller file /admin/controller/common/header.php add e.g.:

$this->data['text_my_module'] = $this->language->get('text_my_module');


$this->data['my_module'] = $this->url->link('module/order_export', 'token=' . $this->session->data['token'], 'SSL');

and finally the template file /admin/view/template/common/header.tpl add:

<a href="<?php echo $my_module; ?>" class="top"><?php echo $text_my_module; ?></a>

where applicable...

Is this the correct answer for You?