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How can I expose my Web API endpoint to other resource applications in Azure AD?

I was following the guide active-directory-integrating-applications I downloaded the app manifest and it already had the equivalent oauth2Persission:

"oauth2Permissions": [
"adminConsentDescription": "Allow the application to access ShippingScheduleAPI on behalf of the signed-in user.",
"adminConsentDisplayName": "Access ShippingScheduleAPI",
"id": "ba650239-2de4-41c1-979b-886a9427389a",
"isEnabled": true,
"type": "User",
"userConsentDescription": "Allow the application to access ShippingScheduleAPI on your behalf.",
"userConsentDisplayName": "Access ShippingScheduleAPI",
"value": "user_impersonation"


However when I go to my client application and try to add the application it does not show up under "All Apps".

Answer Source

It turns out the drop down to show "All Apps" does not change the filter till you select the check box

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