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CSS Question

images not loading when uploaded to godaddy

there seems to be a problem with one of my folders!

I have my website working on my local files here, but when i uploaded them to the host website, godaddy.com, it doesn't work... the problem seems to be on the IMAGES folder, but i cant find anything wrong with the files/folder! i have deleted and uploaded twice just to make sure it's no corrupted or anything...
any ideas?

background-image: url('images/Background_main.jpg');


Answer Source

So two problems.

First, the web server is case sensitive. Your CSS seems to have been designed on a web server or operating system that was not. So, you'll need to change:

background-image: url('images/Background_main.jpg');

Needs to be:

background-image: url('Images/Background_main.jpg');

Or, rename Images to images on the web server.

Second. Your CSS file is relative to /style. Thus images/ would refer to /style/images/. It might be a good idea to put a / at the beginning so you can qualify the entire folder:

background-image: url('/Images/Background_main.jpg');

Though you could also do:

background-image: url('../Images/Background_main.jpg');

This seems to be the image you're after.

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