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Swift Question

How can I compile Swift 2.3 Code in Xcode 8

I have many issues with my project Swift 2.2 in Xcode8, the pod library generates many error, I did an update of cocoapods and library but I still have those errors, I have convert syntax to Swift 2.3 but the errors are still there. I do not want to convert swift 3 for the time being.

Here is a picture of errors :

Socket Io Client Swift errors

Thank you in advance and sorry for English errors.

Answer Source

Okay, so the problem is that the library you are using is Swift 3. So there is no point saying "I do not want to convert to Swift 3". You have converted to Swift 3 whether you like it or not. You do not need to compile this code as Swift 2.3. You need to compile it as Swift 3.

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