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angular 2 / typescript : get hold of an element in the template

Does anybody know how to get hold of an element defined in a component template? Polymer makes it really easy with the $ and $$.
I was just wondering how to go about it in Angular 2.

Take the example from the tutorial:

* Created by amgu on 9/14/2015.
import {Component} from '@angular/core'


<input #myname (input) = "updateName(myname.value)"/>
<p> My name : {{myName}}</p>


export class DisplayComponent{
myName: string;
updateName: Function;

this.myName = "Aman";
this.updateName = function(input: String){

this.myName = input;




How do I catch hold of a reference of the 'P' or 'input' element from within the class definition?

Answer Source

You can get a handle to the DOM element via ElementRef by injecting it into your component's constructor:

constructor(myElement: ElementRef) { ... }


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