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C# Question

Unwanted Char Appears

I am beginner , am trying to create a calculator. the way of the code working is there is a method for summing and one for subtraction ETC.
when i call the subtraction method unwanted minus appears before the answer in the textbox ( i know my code could be using harder way to do the same purpose but i am just beginner trying to do some code )

double rat;
byte operations;

public void TheEqualMinus(double earlier) //Substraction Operation Method
double _minus;
_minus = Convert.ToDouble(result.Text);

double last = _minus - earlier;
result.Text = last.ToString();

private void button15_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
//The Subtract Button
operations = 2;
rat = Convert.ToDouble(result.Text);
label1.Text = rat + " -";
result.Text = "";

private void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// equal button
NewText = true; //boolean to newtext
switch (operations)
case (1): //addition
label1.Text = "";
case (2): //substraction
label1.Text = "";

and the answer output becomes " - The Correct Answer i want "
ex. 9-6 = -3
so any ideas how to remove this minus ?

Answer Source

As per the comments above, this was fixed by simply changing this:

double last = _minus - earlier;

to this:

double last = earlier - _minus;
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