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MySQL Question

Returning query value in OOP

I am learning OOP. My question is based on below code. Each time the value is returned in index.php using


Is it running the MySQL query each time because of

In Class.php

class OOP{
public $name,$id,$password

public function query(){
/* Query Performed
rowCount() = 1 */
$this->name = returned row value;
$this->id = returned row value;
$this->password= returned row value;
return $this; // [NOTE THIS ($this)]

public function GetName(){
return $this->name;
public function GetId(){
return $this->id;

In index.php

$test= new OOP();
$query_value = $test->query();
// now returning values
echo $query_value->GetName();
/// Some Html
echo $query_value->GetId();

Answer Source

Is it running the mysql query each time?(because of $query_value)

No, it's not running the query each time. With this statement $query_value = $test->query();, you executed the query once and set the instance properties using $this->name, $this->id and $this->password.

And in these statements $query_value->GetName(); and $query_value->GetId();, you're only accessing the getter methods of your OOP class to get the name and id values, that's it.