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PHP Question

Is a reload of a <div> seen as a reload of a page? PHP

Basically I have a setup like this :

<div id="header">
<h3> Header </h3>

<div id="body">

<div id="foot">

The idea here is to guide the user through a six step wizard of filling in data to calculate a value.

Each step is getting loaded into the
<div id="body">
the first step gets load in through jQuery, and the steps after that get loaded in through a JavaScript function.

The steps are called : step01.php, step02.php etc...

now my question is : when I load from step01.php to step02.php in the
<div id="body">

is that seen as a page reload? Because I want to save the variables which are filled in in step01.php into a session, or into a other .php file. But since php is serverside I wanted to know if a file reload in the div is seen as a full page reload?

If this is not possible without a full page reload, please suggest anything else...
I've read some documentation about AJAX but it still seems very vague to me. So if anyone has a "newbie-tutorial" please suggest.

At this moment I'm saving the variables in a JavaScript file, the make cookies out of it, and then extract the variables out of the cookies using php. But I know there is an easier way.

Answer Source

Yes, it is considered a "page load" to your server side php scripts. Anything you put in the session will be there for the next reload of the div.

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