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How to check checkbox on change of another checkbox?

i want to check a checkbox when user check checkbox in parent li.

so here is my html code.

<li class="parent3 child2" id="3"><span style="padding-left:60px;"><i aria-hidden="true" class="icon-minus"></i>Civil</span><div>
<label class="viewList"><input type="checkbox" value="49" name="view[]">View</label>
<label class="downList"><input type="checkbox" value="49" name="down[]">Download</label>
<label class="upList"><input type="checkbox" value="49" name="update[]">Update</label>
</div><ul class="submenu" style="display: block;"><li class=" child3" id="4"><span style="padding-left:80px;">test1</span><div>
<label class="viewList"><input type="checkbox" value="60" name="view[]">View</label>
<label class="downList"><input type="checkbox" value="60" name="down[]">Download</label>
<label class="upList"><input type="checkbox" value="60" name="update[]">Update</label>

now i want to check the checkbox of child checkbox.

so i have tried following code.

$('.viewList input').change(function () {
if ($(this).attr("checked")) {
$(this).closest('li').children('.submenu .viewList input').prop( "checked", true );
// not checked

also here is the jsfiddle where also i had tried.

Any help will appreciated. Thanks

Answer Source

You need to use sevral jQuery functions to achieve the same. E.g parents(), find, etc...

Your updated code should look like this.

    $('.viewList input').change(function () {
        if($(this).parents('li').size()>0) {
                var parentLi=$(this).parents('li');
            if(parentLi.find('ul').size()>0) {
                    var childInput=parentLi.find('ul').find('.viewList input');
                } else {

Updated jsFiddle link:

What we need to do here is, when we click on check-box first we will check if there is a LI parent or not, if yes then we will find if there is child UL in it or not. If yes then check/uncheck the corresponding input.

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