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Java file won't compile using Linux terminal

I am trying to learn how to compile classes in Linux using javac and running them using java commands.

If I create a class and its main method is simply

then I have no issues compiling.

However, when I start to reference other classes in the main method of a class, such as

package com.example

public class Main {

public static void main(String[] args) {

Class1 class = new Class1();


It will not let me compile even though
is already compiled.
I literally just type in
javac Main.java
in the terminal and it replies with a few errors about how iv written the class eg.
Class1 class = new Class1();
is not a statement ect.

Through some simple google searches, I have come across terms such as
that I don't fully understand. I have literally just downloaded the JDK and tried to compile away lol.

I am completely new to Java without using an IDE and I've only just started to use the Linux OS as of yesterday (Linux Mint) so do assume I know absolutely nothing. I am also new to posting on stackoverflow so please go easy on me if I'v done something wrong, I'v tried to supply enough information without rambling on. Thanks!

Answer Source

I believe you should not use 'class' as a variable name. It's a key word in Java.

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