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AngularJS Question

How to create array of predefined length and then add items to it in Angularjs

Following this link I am able to display number of available slot in my app but what i need is to add items to these slots on click event to the array.

Untill now I assigned the function value to an array


and then pushing element to that array but if i log the array in console, it did add item to array but in view it doesn't changes its lenght


and array still display empty list

Here is some code

<div ng-repeat="(key,item) in getNumber(myNumber) track by $index" class="wrapper " >
<span class="left">{{myNumber-$index}}Unit</span>
<div id="{{myNumber-$index}}Unit" class="image" ng-show="item.length">
<img src="{{item.image}}">
</div><span class="drop-right">
<span ng:click="removeItem(key,item.entity_id)">x</span>

in controller

$scope.myNumber = <?php echo $instalableunits ?>;
$scope.getNumber = function(num) {
return new Array(num);

Now i created another array

$scope.heightunit= [];

in view assigned getNumber() value to it


and pushing value to it and logging in console, console shows data in it but it is not getting updated in view



Answer Source

I hope this helps,


<div ng-repeat="num in numbers"></div>


app.controller("myCtrl", function($scope,$timeout) {
   $scope.numbers = [];
      $scope.numbers =[1,2]
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