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How to retrieve Key Alias and Key Password for signed APK in android studio(migrated from Eclipse)

I have an android app currently published in Google Play which I update periodically. I follow the following process to sign the app before a new push:

Press right-mouse on the project, the 'Android tools' -> export signed application package
Provide keystore password
Sign your app
Upload the apk file into Google Play Developer Console

Recently I have imported the project from Eclipse to Android Studio and continued working on Android Studio. Now I am planning to push a fix in the app. I have figured that I have this option to sign apk in android studio

Build -> Generate Signed apk ->enter image description here

As per my understanding, for my android app I have to use the same key store and key store password which I used earlier to push updates into Google Play. Also here it's asking for Key Alias and Key Password. I don't remember the Key Alias and Key password(number 4 input in the image) while signing apk in Eclipse. Any suggestion what can I do now? If I already know my keystore and keystore password, is there an way to retrieve the key alias and alias key password?

Update: Now I can retrieve my key alias through keytool -list -v -keystore name.keystore command

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I finally could figure the issue out.

To get the Key Alias: I copied the keytool.exe and my keystore file into C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_71\bin folder. Then from command prompt I wrote: keytool -list -v -keystore <name>.keystore It will also ask for keystore password then. Then it will show you the key alias and Certificate fingerprints and other info.

Then I again tried to Generate Signed Apk for the project, I provided keystore, keystore password, key alias and provided the same password. Then it asks for master password, I tried with the same and it failed. With the reset option I reset the master password here.

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