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Can't see any difference with text-justify

Do "text-justify" works only in IE as stated here?

If so, is there any way to change the way the spacing/kerning between words render in most browsers?

I've been testing some paragraphs of text formatted with "text-align:justify" and with "text-justify: (inter-word, distribute, newspaper, etc.) and none of them makes any difference to the text.

I tested it using an iMac on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Answer Source

The text-justify property is IE-only. Its description in Microsoft documentation is rather vague; see my comparison of their statements with observed behavior. For texts in Latin letters, the only real difference seems to be that the values distribute and newspaper causes some of the added spacing to be directed between letters of words. (On IE. On other browsers, no effect.)

The property is included in CSS Text Module Level 3 (Last Call Working Draft), with just the values auto, none, inter-word, and distribute. It is marked as being “at risk”, which means that it “may be cut from the spec during its CR period if there are no (correct) implementations”. Other browser vendors seem to be reluctant to implement this property.

On the practical side, hyphenation is usually much more important than the tuning of justification methods. Hyphenation prevents most of the nasty problems (need for a large amount of added spacing) that the tuning tries to fix.

P.S. Justification does not involve kerning.

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