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Javascript Animation with multiple images

I'll thy to explain the situation.
i am working on a csgo gambling website.
i have a roulette animation based on a picture with 30 slots. see image below
{1 on the Image}
And i browsed trough some sites and then I came across this page with something similar, but the difference was that they used single images which repeats themself i think
this is what ive found:
{2 on the Image}
this is what i mean , they use just images and kinda repeat them:

{3 on the Image}

im not sure if they generate a random pattern or if this is a custom pattern.
but it would be nice if someone could give a feedback

{4 on the Image}

all i want is just to know is what this exactly is so i can do a resarch or even better if someone could explain me how this works or how to do it.

Thanks alot

Im sorry that the image looks bad, its because i'm not allowed to post multiple screenshots

what i mean is not an spinning image , it mean this .
please check this gif then you know what i mean.
once the timer hits 0 it starts spinning


Answer Source

Look for roulette.js (click here) which is a javascript library that exactly does the effect you want.

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