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C# Question

Where to start with building a blotter

I need to build a blotter using csharp and WPF. Basically, like an excel sheet but would have the capability of customizing backgrounds of each cell or setting the value of each cell. But not sure where to start.
If anybody build blotters in csharp or WPF, a few pointers on where to get started would be great. If you can suggest some good open source blotters that I can copy and enhance, that would also be great.

I cannot use standard data grids as they lack many of the capabilities I am looking for.

I know windows forms and applications related to that which have standard controls but to create cells that are editable/customizable like excel, not sure where to start....

Answer Source

You can use a UniformGrid to create the Grid. You can put Textboxes or even more advanced UserControls into the cells.

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