Imran Imran - 1 year ago 62
MySQL Question

What's the Correct name for a Association table (many to many relationship)

What's the Correct or most popular name for a Association table? I've heard Lookup,associative,resolving,mapping and junction table so far?

Thank you in advance;-)

Answer Source

There is no "correct" name, but the academic name would be an "Associative Table" (see See the Wikipedia article Associative Entity). Other common names are (in alphabetical order):

  • Association table
  • Bridge table
  • Cross-reference table
  • Crosswalk
  • Intermediary table
  • Intersection table
  • Join table
  • Junction table
  • Link table
  • Linking table
  • Many-to-many resolver
  • Map table
  • Mapping table
  • Pairing table
  • Relationship table
  • Transition table
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