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iOS Restore Product

I am writing in corona SDK.

I use build in function store.restore()

I have a problem with subscription IAP products or restore in general.

Lets say you are completely new user. With no IAP history for my app.
When I call restore, it doesn't return ANYTHING at all. So I have no idea if it didn't yet returned products or there are no products at all to restore.

I am wondering if its same with native calls?

For example I would switch to native IAP, and well I am wondering if its worth it. So If I would call restore of products there, and would have no history of products, would I get any information returned at all?

I did failed to find answer to my question either here, google or IAP forums. Probably formulating in a bad way. Anyway thanks in advance

Answer Source

Unfortunately, Corona does not support this yet. It's a requested feature though and you may upvote it here

About Apple's StoreKit. When a restoreCompletedTransactions() method is called, will finish the whole queue with a call to delegate's paymentQueueRestoreCompletedTransactionsFinished(_:) method.

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