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JSON Question

Typescript enum stored in json

I'm working with Typescript and Angular 2 and
I want to create enum dynamically from some json data.
For instance I want to set enum for a dropdown menu and want to get the options from a json. How to do this?

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In Typescript, enums are transpiled as JS arrays (see Enums in TypeScript: what is the JavaScript code doing?).

So, if you want to dynamically load an enum, you just have to load an array.

But if your goal is to create a select out of this enum, you should definetly deserialize your json and pass it to a component with an embedded select, creating options from your object using an *ngFor.

The easiest way would be to format your JSON this way:


This way you can load your json and iterate on selectData array, using key and value values to create your select.

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