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codeEntityReference to method on a Sandcastle developerHowToDocument

I'm trying to create a link to a custom extension method using

MAML element and once I build the documentation I'm getting the whole
tag content instead of a link to the whole method.

A sample of the method would be:

namespace SampleProject
public static class ExtensionMethods
public static bool SomeExtension<T>(this T some) => true;

And the
would look as

Above link will produce an output like M:SampleProject.ExtensionMethods.SomeExtension{T}(T).

Actually, I'm getting the following error during documentation build:

warning : BuildAssembler : warning : ResolveReferenceLinksComponent:
[52e40f26-3dfe-47e0-adf1-09233e98f42e] Unknown reference link target

Am I missing something? What's wrong there? I've tried to provide the method reference as:


...but it didn't solve the issue.

Answer Source

Finally I solved the issue checking how C# compiler generates the XML documentation file for the assembly.

For example, a <codeEntityReference> to my sample extension method would be: