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Processing an Akka Stream with a One-Time Header

I have an application which receives a TCP socket connection which will send data in the form:


is the length of the following
in bytes, and the
might be something like
{'splitEvery': 5}
, which will dictate how I break up and process the potentially infinite string of bytes to follow.

I want to process this stream with Akka in Scala. I think
are the right tool for this, but I am having a hard time finding an example that uses streams with distinct processing stages. Most stream flows seem to do the same thing over and over, like the
example here. That is very close to how I want to process the
part of my stream, but the difference is I only need to do this once per connection and then move on to a different "stage" of processing.

Can anyone point me to an example of using Akka streams with distinct stages?

Answer Source

Here's a GraphStage which processes a stream of ByteStrings:

  • Extract chunk size from header
  • Emit ByteStrings of the specified chunk size
import{Attributes, FlowShape, Inlet, Outlet}
import{GraphStage, GraphStageLogic, InHandler, OutHandler}
import akka.util.ByteString

class PreProcessor extends GraphStage[FlowShape[ByteString, ByteString]] {

  val in: Inlet[ByteString] = Inlet("")
  val out: Outlet[ByteString] = Outlet("ParseHeader.out")

  override val shape = FlowShape.of(in, out)

  override def createLogic(inheritedAttributes: Attributes): GraphStageLogic =
    new GraphStageLogic(shape) {

      var buffer = ByteString.empty
      var chunkSize: Option[Int] = None
      private var upstreamFinished = false

      private val headerPattern = """^\d+\{"splitEvery": (\d+)\}""".r

        * @param data The data to parse.
        * @return The chunk size and header size if the header
        * could be parsed.
      def parseHeader(data: ByteString): Option[(Int, Int)] =
        map { mtch => (, mtch.end) }

      setHandler(out, new OutHandler {
        override def onPull(): Unit = {
          if (isClosed(in)) emit()
          else pull(in)

      setHandler(in, new InHandler {
        override def onPush(): Unit = {
          val elem = grab(in)
          buffer ++= elem
          if (chunkSize.isEmpty) {
            parseHeader(buffer) foreach { case (chunk, headerSize) =>
              chunkSize = Some(chunk)
              buffer = buffer.drop(headerSize)

        override def onUpstreamFinish(): Unit = {
          upstreamFinished = true
          if (chunkSize.isEmpty || buffer.isEmpty) completeStage()
          else {
            if (isAvailable(out)) emit()

      private def continue(): Unit =
        if (isClosed(in)) completeStage()
        else pull(in)

      private def emit(): Unit = {
        chunkSize match {
          case None => continue()
          case Some(size) =>
            if (upstreamFinished && buffer.isEmpty ||
               !upstreamFinished && buffer.size < size) {
            } else {
              val (chunk, nextBuffer) = buffer.splitAt(size)
              buffer = nextBuffer
              push(out, chunk)

And the test case to illustrate the usage:

import akka.util.ByteString
import org.scalatest._

import scala.concurrent.Await
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import scala.util.Random

class PreProcessorSpec extends FlatSpec {

  implicit val system = ActorSystem("Test")
  implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer()

  val random = new Random

  "" should "" in {

    def splitRandom(s: String, n: Int): List[String] = s match {
      case "" => Nil
      case s =>
        val (head, tail) = s splitAt random.nextInt(n)
        head :: splitRandom(tail, n)

    val input = """17{"splitEvery": 5}aaaaabbbbbcccccddd"""

    val strings = splitRandom(input, 7)
    println( => s"[$s]").mkString(" ") + "\n")

    val future = Source.fromIterator(() => strings.iterator).
      via(new PreProcessor()).

    Await.result(future, 5 seconds)


Example output:

[17{"] [splitE] [very"] [] [: 5}] [aaaaa] [bbb] [bbcccc] [] [cddd]

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