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shell script behavior across different linux distros

I have a general question about shell scripts and process tables across 2 different operating systems.

On a SuSE Linux system, I run a script called It is a simple script that does the following

echo "Hello Joe "
read x

If I do a
ps -ef | grep [j] -
it will find a result that will look something like this

joe 15532 24267 0 09:40 pts/2 00:00:00 /bin/sh ./

That is assuming I launch another terminal and dont hit enter on the script.

However, If I do this same thing on an oracle linux system, I get no match UNTIL I add a shebang to the script

echo "Hello Joe"
read x

Is there some default in the environment in SuSE that would get set? I'd like to replicate that behavior on the Oracle Linux system.

Answer Source

I think what you are looking for is : interpreter-script

Anyway, the script should always have a shebang line. (I second John)

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