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Remove body from PUT request in ngResource query

I'm should to send a PUT query for some url.
But rest reject my query if it contains any body(JSON, like {"id": 1}).
When I'm use ngResource instead of $http, query already contains a body. How can I remove it?

Sample of expected url:

Url contains :id param and thats why my factory looks like this:

.factory('ApiResourceFactory', ['$resource', function ($resource) {
return {
payment: $resource('',
{orderId: '@id'},
start: {method: "PUT", 'params': {'method': "start"}},

Thats how I use it:

var id = 1;
ApiResourceFactory.payment.start({id: id}, function () {
//on success
}, function (responce) {
//on error

The problem is: The "id" param sends not only in url, but in request body too (request payload) as {"id": 1}.

Without body (when I'm use $http, for example), query success, but wit body server rejects my query.

So. How can I tell ngResource clear or do not fill the body?

Answer Source

Angular documentation of $resource is not very good, but if you look at the last example on the documentation you would get your answer. See section "Creating a custom 'PUT' request "

The way you have setup params is not correct. If you use @ then the parameter matching happens from body content. You do not need to provide params object. Also the call to start method is also slightly different.

See my fiddle here