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setinterval not working to change image src

Wondering why the following code will not change my img src. The commented out example works just fine. And the alert triggers every 4 seconds. Replacing the src just wont work inside the set interval function.

$(".samples_1_1").on("click", function(){
//$(this).attr("src", "../../static/results/samples_1_2.png");
setInterval(function() {
alert('alert 1');
$(this).src("src", "../../static/results/samples_1_2.png");
}, 4000);

Ian Ian
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Firstly, in the second example you're using .src(), which does not exist. Use .attr() as before. Secondly, the $(this) keyword is now inside it's own function, making it undefined. You'll need to specify the element manually using $(".samples_1_1").attr("src", "../../static/results/samples_1_2.png");