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CSS Question

Set div width equal to window size

I have a container of width 1300 px. Inside the container i have other div.

I need to set the inner div width equal to browser window size eg) 1900px.

The content should be responsive to the window size.

My html code is like below:

<div class="container">
<div class="content">Some style goes here </div>


.container {
width: 1300px;

width: 100%

Answer Source

If you have the div width in px format it wont be responsive. It has to be in % format. If you put the inner content as width:100% The inner content will have a width of the '.container'.
So in order to get the inner div to be the window width you should have the .container to be equal to the window width.



Or if you want we can use jQuery:

 var w = $(window).width();
 $('.content').css('width', w);
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