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Bluetooth device not discoverable

I'd like to establish a Bluetooth communication between an Android phone and a remote device. The class of the remote device is a basic one just a simple Bluetooth adapter. When I use the Bluetooth scan devices function, the phone recognizes devices from different class (ex. computer, phone, Bluetooth headset) but not this one.
I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy Theos and a HTC Wildfire with Android 2.1 but I got the same result with both.
Is that possible that the phone manufacturer or Android filters certain class of devices? Otherwise, is there another way to make this device discoverable?

Thanks in advance.


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Ok after some research on the web, for those who want to develop a Bluetooth application on Android (tested on 2.1 Eclair I don't know for other versions) It seems that some phone manufacturer decided to ignore any bluetooth device which advertises itself as class 0×00 and wont allow connections, fire off Intents on discovery or even list it on the bluetooth settings page. Here what it looks like in debugging mode in the LogCat section of Eclipse

DTUN_HCID Device [00:09:EF:58:04:38] class is 0x00 -  skip it

I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy 3 teos and a HTC Wildfire. Apparently it works fine on the Nexus One. Well too bad Google stopped selling it. If some of you tested on other phones and it works please let us know.


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