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Java Question

How to get one attribute from list of custom objects

Java - JxPath - Spring

I have

List<MyClass> myClassList
filled with
objects. I am trying to find a cleanest and fastest way to get
Set<String> a
property out of

class MyClass{

private String a;
private String b;

// setters getters


I am using jxpath for searching but I am not sure it can also do what I mentioned above.

JXPathContext ctx = JXPathContext.newContext(myClassList);
Iterate<String> aProps = ctx.iterate("? what to write");

Can you help?

Answer Source

instead of Jxpath there is way doing it in Guava library.

here is the implementation

    public static final Function<Obj, String> FOO = new Function<Obj, String>() {
            public String apply(Obj input) {
                return input.foo;

List<String> fooList = Lists.transoform(targetList, Object.FOO)
List<String> fooList = Collections2.transoform(targetList, Object.FOO)
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