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Ambiguous use of 'subscript' in swift 3 using xcode 8

I am getting issues of Ambiguous use of 'subscript' as per mentioned in Screen Shot that is attached here. I am trying to use Alamofire for api calling. is there any issues of xcode 8 ? i am using swift 3 with xcode 8 in IOS 10. Will anybody please help me to fix this issue?
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if let tracks = readableJSON["tracks"] as? JSONStandard


if let items = tracks["items"] as? NSArray


for i in 0..


let item = items[i] as? JSONStandard

let name = item?["name"] as! String






I got my answer with line " if let items = tracks["items"] as? NSArray " instead of " if let items = tracks["items"] "

Here Simulator takes types itself and for device we have to specify data type as i have writtern "as? NSArray" for "items"

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