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OCUnit tests to existing iOS project. "ld: file not found"

I've been following this blog post: Adding unit tests to existing project.

I'm getting this error however:

ld: file not found:
failed with exit code 1

I have my test target properties,

Bundle Loader = $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/

Test Host = $(BUNDLE_LOADER)

(which both equate to: build/Debug-iphoneos/

My wild guess is that those variables aren't pointing to the same location as the compiler. "build/Debug-iphoneos/..." vs "Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/..."

I could be totally wrong on that guess, but either way, does anyone know what's causing this error or how I would fix those environment variables?

Thanks for any help,


Answer Source

Dig into ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData, down into your project. From there, follow the Bundle Loader path. See what's actually there.

Now look at your Info.plist (or your target's Info settings) and look for "Executable file" or CFBundleExecutable. If it's ${EXECUTABLE_NAME}, check your target's "Product name" setting.

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